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Holiday Dress Dilemma

It all started a few weeks ago when I spotted this sweater at Target.
I knew nobody would be cuter in it than my 2 girls! I immediately formed a plan to warrant me buying them...They would be for my girls to wear with their Christmas dress or skirt. And they would be able to get lots of other wear out of it. Makes sense, right???
Next step: Dress or Skirt? I walked into the fabric store and spotted a gorgeous piece of metallic silver and black plaid taffeta. I was in love. I decided I would make cute little skirts out of it, pair it with a red shirt and the black sweaters and it would be holiday perfection! I was so excited to show my mom the fabric but when I went to get it out of my car, it wasn't there! The bag from the fabric store was there with 1 spool of ribbon in it (I had bought 2 spools) and that was it. I called the store to see if I left a bag in the cart or at the counter....no such luck! I do remember letting big sister carry it out to the car and somehow we must have lost a few items. I was distraught.
Then the real problem came. I had lots of time to dream up other ideas and I went searching for inspiration online. And, of course, I found some dresses I am in love with! So I've went from a simple skirt to thinking about over the top gorgeous dresses like these:

Or maybe something a little more simple like this:
I haven't made up my mind yet. Any thoughts???
I'll be sure to post pictures when I'm done!

1 comment:

california smiths said...

I love that first red dress, though I love the idea of the black/silver skirt with a red shirt under the sweater. I am sorry you lost your fabric, that is the worst feeling! No matter what you do, it will be darling!